My design process is in 5 phases.


My design process is in 5 phases.


Phase I Requires an initial meeting. E-mail me at to discuss your design needs and to gather as much information as possible. I think it is highly important at this stage for both of us to exchange an open dialog where both parties ask and answer many questions. Having an open discussion assists me to get to know the client and their needs, but also, the client learns more about my process as I conduct work for them. Also, in this phase, I take a fresh look at what the design problems are, and perform research as necessary for the project. To understand the design issues involves looking at the business’s competition and their approach. Please keep in mind that it is important to realize that I will be asking many questions to understand design objectives, present design problems, likes, dislikes, and what style we need to deliver a well-designed layout.


What are the key issues that I will discuss?


What type of problem are we attempting to solve? Perhaps it is not a problem, and in that case, it is what opportunities are we trying to pursue?


What is the outcome desired?


What type of obstacles can prevent our success?


Is there a way to work around it?


Phase II This type of information is analyzed and hence a proposal is born. In this document, it will reflect my understanding of the project at hand depicting the objective of the project, timeline, and a budget forecast, as well as a general direction.


 Phase III Upon acceptance of the proposal, which means everyone is in full agreement in the details in the proposal. Design commences and this is where we make the fun considerations of color, style, and fonts, taglines, and themes. I will present at least three concepts for a client to look at and it will be in a PDF format. Once viewed the client gives me feedback to proceed onto Phase IV. Also, this is where costs are calculated more precisely with a budget that I will implement.


Phase IV Once the client selects a concept the design goes into the assembly stage and mock-ups produced. Illustrations performed, and logos created. Some designs created in-house others might have to obtain through various channels that will require selection and approval such as, images. It may seem without adherence to the original plan, but to the contrary. Also, in this phase, it is the best time to make changes if any are needed. It reduces future problems in the design production such as the timeline and extra expenses. 


Phase V Lastly, this is where it is in the final production and is where the designs go to print, or to the Web, depending on what format is needed. I will oversee production until completion. To clarify further, I will make sure everything is accurately printed or produced. I hope this process that I have written gives individuals the confidence to place their designs in my hands, but of course, there still may be additional questions. If this is the case; please feel free to give me a call. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.


"A problem well stated, is a problem half solved." ~ Charles Kettering


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